In order to use the website, it is understood that users must submit information to the site in order to use it. This privacy page outlines how we will collect this information from you, the type of information we’ll collect and how it will be used by site owners in order to enhance your experience when using the site online.

If you choose to use, then it is implicitly understood that you accept these conditions.

How do we collect information?

We will collect information from you in two ways. Firstly, there is the information you provide to us upon registering with the site, or when using any of the features of the site. Secondly, is via small files called ‘cookies’ which are downloaded onto your PC. These small files allow us to monitor how you use the site and provide valuable detailed information about which pages people are using, allowing us to improve and upgrade the services, products and information we offer to you.

What kind of information will be collected?

Information that will collect from its users will include, but is not solely restricted to: personal information (such as your name), contact details, demographic details (information pertaining to your age, postal code area, for example) or indeed any information you submit to the site, or to its owners, during its use.

How will you use the information collected?

The information we collect will be used in a number of ways. Firstly, it is used to ensure our records are accurate and up to date. The information will also be used to help inform us as to where we can improve the services we offer as well as updating key pages and information as and when necessary. Additionally, information can be used to help improve the day-to-day functioning of the site and lastly we can use the information provided to send users selected promotional material or to contact them for market research purposes.


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